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The Minisail is an Ian Proctor design originally dating back to 1959. Forerunner to its smaller sibling the Topper, the Minisail appeared in several versions through the '60s and '70s, in both wood and glassfibre. There were a number of deck layouts, some with sliding seats and even wings - so don't be surprised if you have, or know of, a MiniSail which looks a little different from others.

All of the variations come about because the Minisail/MiniSprint is something of a development class; so whilst the basic hull shapes and sail plan are constrained, the deck layout, fittings, foils etc are all unrestricted. This allows for fun and interest but it also makes it a lot easier (and cheaper) to keep elderly boats on the water. Minisails were made in large numbers and are easy to come by (often "free to a good home") and generally easy to restore with lots of help available. They are still competitive against their handicap too, so there is no excuse for not joining in!

There is an active Class Association, with a strong emphasis on fun and friendliness. As for membership of the Class Association - if you own a Minisail, you *are* a member :-)  Keep an eye out for the various class events, it would be great to see you there.


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Happy MiniSailing.