Minisail on the Web

Here are some links to various Minisail sites:

Yachts & Yachting Minisail pages - with news, Class Championship reports and more.

Ronny De Gruyter's excellent Minisail9000 blog - packed with info and details including his story of building a new Minisail.

We have a Facebook group where many of our members share news and ask questions.

The Minisail is on wikipedia...

Rupert Whelan's excellent blog - long superseded by the Facebook page - its still a good read with lots of views and info.

Then there is the Google Groups Minisail Forum . This communication platform is now less well used, still it's there and with a good bit of history (10 years) if you keep scrolling back through time.

We're in the process of rebuilding our forum which some folk prefer for the usual day to day exchanges. For now, we have a temporary forum which you can find at Please register and give it a go, it will help us to get it right. Registering can be done by seding an e-mail to minisailwebmaster (at) Include some words to help us identify you as a genuine person and mention the username you prefer.