Sailmakers and replacement parts

Spare Parts

On this page, the aim is to maintain a list of suppliers of parts for the Minisail. Hopefully, this will be a collaborative effort, and hopefully, we’ll manage to keep it up to date.



Spars, Rudder, Daggerboard, Centreplate


  • For these sorts of items, the best thing to do is to talk to us on the Minisail forum.


  • For items of general rigging, such as pulley blocks, mainsheet and the like, you can visit your local chandler. Some of the bigger companies advertise on line and can be pretty competitive on prices. But you might want to be careful about what you buy. For example, Force4 sell a Holt block suitable for 10mm mainsheet for £6.50. Or you could go for the special offer deal on the Lewmar block at just £259.95! OK, so the Lewmar block would be way over the top, but you get the idea – you don’t need to be buying carbon-fibre/kevlar/ultra/olympic standard… whatever… to get a £100 Minisail back on the water!