Class Rules

Minisail Class Rules

The latest revision of the class rules was agreed in 2011.  They were reviewed at the AGM in 2012, and it was agreed that no further alterations were necessary to accommodate the changes we had in mind (minor sail modifications to improve the set of new sails).

The philosophy in reviewing the class rules has been to ensure that as many boats as possible can be restored (or even built), got back on the water, and be competitive.



Although battened sails are technically prohibited in these rules, it is recognised that battened sails were introduced by the class in the late 1970's and today they are sailed alongside unbattened boats on equal terms in the Class Championships. In other events they would typically sail of a lower handicap - see the handicap page for information. The following is an extract from the Google Forum on the adoption of the Max sail in 2013; although the rules were not formally changed the Max sail was adopted and is raced alongside the standard sail at Class events:

"After the discussion on using a larger sail on our minisail on duo sailing days with friends, as I am, and for sailors with sliding seats or wings who'd like to have more power in the sail, I've been in contact with Ian from Morgan Sails.
We've come up with a design that uses the standard spars and battens to extend the leech of the standard sail to a result in a 8.2m² sail.
This would result in higher speeds without the fuss of mixing an alian sail and our minisail hull, also this wouldn't upset the steering balance and won't increase the risk of pulling out the deckfittings when trimming."
Philippe De Clerck
"This sounds fantastic - really good that people are innovating with the Minisail hull.

I'd say the sail number should stay the same - it is the same hull, after all. This is the way the Laser does it, and it would seem to make sense. Really looking forward to seeing what it looks like, and hearing whether it is enough of an area increase - should increase the power, too, mind.
As for a name... Not sure about Maxisail - be good to keep the Minisail name in there! Maybe the Minisail Max, though? 
Sail insigna could be the standard MS with the work max in a go fast font underneath, diagonally, maybe?"
Rupert Whelan.
"As Rupert says, really fantastic

I agree with Rupert, keep the same sail number.

I also agree that we need a differentiator and the idea of the use of the word Max is a good one.

We will need to change the class rules to accommodate this.

I suggest that we call an Extraordinary General meeting for the training day to consider the following rule changes:

That rule 1(a) be changed to the following

a)            The MiniSail is a single-handed class which is restricted to two separate one-design hulls, these being the Monaco and the Sprite. (see note 1) and two basic sail plans, the standard, un-battened, plan and a battened plan which shall be known as the Minisail Max. 
The intention of these rules is to ensure that in hull shape, mast and sail plan, these boats are as like their respective designs as possible.


That rule 5(c) be changed to the following:

c)            One sail only shall be set and shall be attached to the mast by a luff pocket not exceeding 140mm (51/2") in width. Method of attachment to the boom is unrestricted. The sail shall be all white or white with alternating panels of the same colour.

Sail battens or other artificial stiffeners are not allowed on the standard minisail, except for a triangular head board which may not exceed 152.4mm (6") on any side, or protrude beyond a line drawn from the head of the sail to the band on the boom.

Battens shall be permitted on the Max variant of the Minisail.

The leach shall be measured in a straight line and shall not exceed 5563mm (18'3") from the top of the luff pocket to the foot at the clew.

A clear plastic window is allowed in the sail, but shall not exceed . 279sq.M. (3 sq.ft) in area."

Peter Matthews


"Hi Peter, Philippe, Rupert and all,
I agree  with  Peter’s last line ‘a one design Max sail fits in with that ethos’, at least provisionally, so for possible adoption by the rules. It’s early days but no harm in trying  new line of development as long as it’s not open ended."
Tom Moore